Soko Izumi, is a Japanese TV host, emcee and model. Visiting Hong Kong for the first time in 2007, the international superstar fell in love with the culture and made the big move, went on showcase his numerous talents in singing, hosting and acting in Hong Kong. 

In 2016, Soko started his own YouTube channel
, “SOKO IZUMI SOYUKI Why did I come to Hong Kong? How can I go to Hong Kong?”shooting short videos introducing local Hong Kong culture to his audience.

The "Auwake x Soko Izumi" is a collection of unisex's pocket square tee and wholly tee which infused the 18 districts of Hong Kong and its unique map, with patterns designed from Soko.  There are 5 unique color patterns in the collection - Noisy Chaos, Purple Pink, Happy Hope Yellow, Instinct White and Adventurous Black, describing Hong Kong as a multi-cultural, metropolitan city that is happy and “genki”.