100% Natural Cotton
Premium quality offering soft, strong, durable and convenient for washing.

Azo free
The fabrics were dyed without Azo compounds. Wear it safe and environmental friendly.

Thanks for the premium natural cotton, your skin will breath comfortably. Keep you cool and away from sweaty trap during hot weathers.

The fabrics we chosen were treated without any harmful chemical substance which resulted allergic. Hypoallergenic fabric is not only safer and more comfortable to use but also ethically made by doing our environment a favor.

Light 140GSM
Super light in weight, soft touching natural cotton as comfortable as feeling like not wearing anything at all. Good for summer or a layering piece in all seasons.

Odor Free
Thanks for the natural physical property, moisture and sweat vapor is trapped only on the surface of cotton fabric, while no bacteria are left to grow on the inside of the fabric. Therefore, it doesn’t retain odor and is an ideal choice for one with sensitive skin.